Monday, July 30, 2012

Hrysi Akti Taverna, Glyfatha

It was the day of our tram ride to Glyfatha beach that we stopped to have lunch at Hrysi Akti Taverna. We weren't exactly spoiled for choice as this appeared to be the only taverna in the area but it was right on the beach and there were actual white table cloths (as opposed to the standard sheet of paper clipped to the table with map of Greece printed on it). It was just what we were looking for that day.

The menu looked substantial, until we noticed most of the items had been crossed off the list. We've seen this on a lot of Greek taverna menus. At first glance you don't notice it, that's because the items that aren't available are not completely crossed out – just the price is crossed out. This way the menu looks good at a glance and stops you from moving on to the next taverna for something better. However, as this was the only eatery in sight we were happy to settle in and accept the limited menu.

We were very relieved to see that mini tiropitas were not crossed off the list. These are filo pastry triangles with a ricotta and tasty cheese filling then deep fried. They are soooo yum and usually come with enough for two to share. At Hrysi Akti you get six on a plate for 4 euros.

The menu also had a number of different salads – a nice change from the usual "Horiatiki Salata" which is your standard Greek salad. We went for the "Spesial Salad" which really had no description other than its typically Greek-spelled name. Not knowing what this Spesial Salad would contain, we decided to take a gamble on the mystery dish. At 6 euros we couldn't really go wrong.

Loaded with a variety of fresh lettuce leaves, tomatoes, spring onions and kidney beans, and topped with our favourite Greek cheese, kefalograviera, the Spesial Salad ended up being just what we were after. It was crisp and refreshing, the perfect accompaniment to the cheese pastries.

Often the bread you are served at a taverna is made on the premises, and the bread at Hrysi Akti certainly was. It was crusty on the outside and still warm on the inside. Perfect for dipping in a bit of olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Along with some cold Mythos beer and the "bad luck you have to buy it" bottle of water, this meal was light but very satisfying to be enjoying on a hot Greek summer's day by the beach.

Hrysi Akti Taverna can be found at:
Diadohou Pavlou Street, Glyfatha
Phone: +30 210 894 4191
Rating: 7.5/10

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