Friday, May 11, 2012

Preparing for our next Limnian adventure

Well we never really thought we would ever be able to afford to make our pilgrimage to Limnos an annual event, but we sat down one day and just came to the simple conclusion that life is much too short and we should appreciate the opportunities we have, while we still have them.

At the moment Tony and I are fortunate enough to have access to a beautiful house in one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, and we realise that this may not always be available to us. But for this year at least, and hopefully next year also, we will once again be leaving the frosty Melbourne winter days behind over July and August, and finding ourselves absorbed in the intoxicating warmth of the mediterranean sunshine in Greece.

As always, it's so very exciting to look forward to an overseas trip. This time even more so. Tony has been progressing at lightning speed with his Greek lessons, using various internet classes, radio programs and books, and I have to say, for an Aussie with German and Scottish background, his Greek accent is nothing short of astonishing. He is having so much fun with it too. Our Saturday morning visits to Oakleigh bring out the best in him. He loves randomly approaching old ladies in the mall and asking them to speak Greek with him. And they love it! With so much more confidence than last year, he can't wait to speak the native tongue in the old country. I'm sure George and Koula will be impressed!

I too have more incentive to spend time in Limnos. My dad and Julia will be there again, as they are for eight months of every year, renovating the house and just enjoying their retirement years. I've been thinking of a slower, more relaxed life, especially since learning of my workplace's plans to make the design studio where I work redundant. I will be out of a job in the next six to eight weeks, just before we leave for Greece. But I'm trying not to look at it as the end of a job and the end of an income. It's the start of a new way of life with less material possessions and more appreciation for the simple things around us. This is how life is embraced in Limnos, and I hope to take some of those philosophies back with me when we return to Melbourne, armed with an inspired and nourished mind to move forward with the rest of my life.

This year we will be spending the first six days in Athens. We plan to explore the suburbs of the city by train, will visit my mum's cousin Aliki, take a day trip to Delphi, and might go down south to Sounion. We will then have four lovely weeks in Limnos. Tony's mum Sandie will be joining us in Limnos as well. She will be half-way through a round-the-world adventure of her own, and will spend the last four days in Limnos with us. We then all go to Scotland together! Sandie was born in Arbroath, Scotland, which is where we will be spending three nights. Tony has never been to Scotland so it will be nice for him to see where his mum is from, and visit some of his relatives. Sandie will stay in the UK while Tony and I fly back to Athens for one night, then one night in Singapore to break up the flight on the way home.

I will be taking my video camera again, although I can hear you saying "Why? You didn't do anything with the footage you took last year!" Well, that's not true. I did actually put together a 15-minute film of our short time in Athens, and I painstakingly went through 20 hours or footage to complete our Come Dine With Me episode which turned out absolutely hilarious. Only problem is, I've used a whole lot of copyrighted music on these videos, without which they would be bland and boring, and I really can't publish these on the internet.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll have all time in the world to do video editing when I get back to Melbourne. I am not planning on looking for another job for a while. I have, however, set up a small web design business for myself which I hope to get a little bit of work out of just to get by on, and to help fund next year's trip to Limnos! If you know anyone who needs a website designed, or any graphic design at all, please let them know about Eight Legs Design.

In the meantime, Tony and I are counting down the days. In fact, there are 68 of them to go! And we look forward to once again sharing our stories with you.

But for now, it's andio!

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