Monday, July 25, 2011

One more sleep!

Packing for a holiday can be so much fun, bringing out the summer clothes in the middle of winter, the cotton fabric on my fingers as I lay them in the suitcase, reminding me of warm days to come.

Tony's packing experience on the other hand, is one of stress and anxiety, as he madly sorts through his diabetes equipment and supplies, creating kits and packages, dividing them amongst luggage pieces and making sure he has duplicates of everything.

It's raining and 9 degrees in Melbourne and soon we will be leaving this miserable season to spend the next four weeks in Mediterranean sunshine.

Tonight we're having dinner at the Press Club to begin our Limnian adventure. It's tradition! Two years ago, the night before our last trip to Greece, we splurged on a banquet at the Press Club. The food was incredible and I'm dying to have another one of those lemon martini cocktails! But still so much to do before then.

We are flying out tomorrow, landing in Athens on Wednesday where we will stay for two nights before flying out to Limnos. We're hoping the taxi strikes and general unrest in Athens will have passed by the time we arrive, but are prepared for a possibly very interesting arrival! On my dad's advice, if we are thrown into the midst of a riot, we are to just stroll through casually, suitcases and all, and just smile and say to the rioters "bravo re pethia!" According to my dad, this will ensure a safe passage for us through any street blockades or picket lines... Hmmm, perhaps we could also wear our traditional Greek costumes to express our message of peace.

Anyway, we're not too worried about any of that. It's all part of the adventure!

So we'll be seeing you in a few days' time! Hopefully in one piece!!!