Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lingering thoughts of Limnos

Well we've been back in Melbourne for over a week now and it really feels like over a hundred years since we were enjoying the sunshine and riding our moped in Limnos. It has taken some getting used to, being thrust back into the middle of Melbourne's winter and adjusting our eyes to the darkened afternoons.

Tony has buried himself back into his work, however I still have the next four weeks off before I go back to work. I'd planned to use this time to go through all the video footage from Limnos and try and edit them all down to interesting little films to upload onto the blog.

Earlier this year I developed an interest in documentary making and did a short course in video production and editing. It was a lot of fun and in six weeks we rushed through everything from the history of documentaries and interview techniques, to filming and editing. I was keen to start shooting my own stuff and thought that Limnos would provide the perfect inspiration.

There was no shortage of beautiful stories to document in Limnos, and I must have shot about twenty hours of footage, but on reviewing all of these hours of footage after returning home, I've discovered it's looking even more "home video" than I'd expected it to, and possibly not worth going through the extensive editing that each clip would need to deem them suitable for public viewing.

Tony and I have also had a sad incident to deal with in our first week back from Greece, which has been a bit distracting and has taken away most of my motivation to prepare the videos for the blog at this point. I am hoping though, that in the next week or so things will brighten up a little for us, and I will find inspiration from somewhere to take on the editing challenge once again.

I will, however, be brave and upload here just one, raw and unedited clip from the beautiful land of Limnos, mainly just to see if I can in fact upload videos (something I never thought to even check before I started ranting on about making videos for this blog).

OK, well it uploaded ok, but the blogging website automatically downgrades the quality so it's very blurry (sorry!). If you can get past the fuzzy, blocky artefacts, in the video below you can see the beautiful panoramic view from the top of Castro. I have deliberately removed the sound because unfortunately all you could hear was distorted wind in the microphone.

I've also discovered there is the option to link to videos that have been uploaded to YouTube, so I might investigate opening an account there and seeing if that improves the video quality at all...

Until then, enjoy the blur!!!

Revision – 2 January 2013: I've actually removed the blurry video now (it was just too embarrassing to leave displayed here, sorry!). A slightly better version of it can be found by clicking here.

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