Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Only in Limnos ...

On our last night in beautiful Limnos, we're reflecting on all the funny anomalies about this place, the things that made us laugh, the things that made us question, and the things that just left us feeling completely perplexed.

Only in Limnos will you find a dog inside a women's clothes shop.

Only in Limnos will you find a moped growing in the garden.

Only in Limnos will you see ducks walking around a fishing port.

Only in Limnos will you see a smashed up car in a car sales yard that's been there for at least 7 years – I witnessed this same smashed up car myself in 2004.

Only in Limnos will you see a taverna chair in the middle of nowhere (and many miles away from any taverna) on a cliff overlooking an amazing view of the Aegean Sea.

Only in Limnos will you see scarecrows dressed in traditional Greek costume.

Only in Limnos will cars park right in the middle of a road, completely blocking the road.

Only in Limnos will you find completely useless zebra crossings. Not only do Limnian drivers have no idea what a zebra crossing is, but these crossings have been inexplicably placed on streets that have no footpaths.

Only in Limnos will you see a hotted up hoon taxi – yes, it's a taxi – not only adorned with rows of blue lights and diamontes, but get this: that's marble inlay around the headlights.

Yes, marble inlay.


Some things don't need explaining ...

And some things just can't be explained ...

These images and many more will remain in our minds as the things that made us gasp, laugh, and just stand there dumbfounded. Every day there was a new surprise in Limnos that we will go home and continue to laugh and wonder about.

Tomorrow we will be on the plane heading back to Melbourne thinking about our time here, and when we get home I will work on putting some of the videos together so Limnos will be on our minds for some time to come. I'm hoping to be able to post the videos up here on the blog over the next few weeks, hopefully one every few days, so stay tuned!!

But for now, it's andio!


Anonymous said...

What the? Those mannequins ... Too weird

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your blog and all the pictures. Ive been seeing a few of those strange only in Limnos things too.

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