Friday, September 4, 2009

Ouzo day

After sitting back and letting Lisa have all the reporting glory up til now, I have decided to throw my hat into the ring and add my two cents worth.

Because every day here bears such a strong resemblance to a US sit-com, I feel that the only way to truly capture the "essence" of life in Limnos is to present my portion of this blog in a series of episodes, with each one designed to capture a small element of what makes this holiday such an entertaining experience.

Episode 1: "Ouzo Day"

It is Saturday morning, and 11:30 is fast approaching. There is a special table setup for the men folk, complete with marinated Sardines, a weird type of salty cheese and glasses ready for the mysterious event. I have been told to keep Saturday morning free for "Ouzo", and have witnessed first hand the careful preparation that goes in to such a mysterious event.
(Canned laughter as Mr "Panayotis" enters front gate, nursing a coke bottle with what looks like water as the contents (or possibly home made ouzo?)

The men all take their seats at the special table, while the women folk hover around the perimeter, awaiting permission to be accepted into such a solemn ceremony.

As every possible salty food item (sardines, cheese, nuts, and anchovies) is revealed, the clear coke bottle is opened, and poured into each glass, with 3 ice cubes and water. The contents goes a murky white color, indicating that there is something very alcoholic about what we are about to drink.

(The men's table)
I could go on and on about the peculiarities that make "ouzo day" such a Greek institution, but we are in the Mediterranean, it is 31 degrees outside without a cloud in the sky, what am i doing here on the computer? ...bye!! Tony :)

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Sophie said...

Good to hear from you Tony !!

Happy Birthday Lisou

Love Mum

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