Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just arrived

Well. I think it's going to be one mammoth task, removing myself each day from my vitamin D therapy to come inside and make a blog entry. But here we are in Limnos, every bone in our bodies absorbing the sun, the air, the sea, the food, the LIFE.

We arrived yesterday after one excrutiatingly long and tiresome flight from Melbourne and two much-needed nights in Athens. We could see the fires from the plane over the Athenian hills, but the smell of smoke coming and going with the sporadic strong winds. We forgot about all that as we got lost in Plaka, patted mangy cats and rinsed greasy mezedes with lots of beer.

Here we are half way up the Acropolis, pictured with a bird in a hurry (see Tony's left elbow).


*Please note: Both Tony and myself will be contributing to this blog so it is important to note that any offensive material or distasteful imagery that may appear on this site is unlikely to have been posted by me.

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Leopoldina said...

oh well glad to see you don't have a somewhat 'toasted' suntan. altho knowing how immensely heroic you both are we all thought you would have thrown yourselves into the firefighting efforts. hence Tony's WATER bottle has been noted, so i guess he had just been putting out some spotfires on your walk.

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