Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting used to the Limnian lifestyle

We've only been four days in Limnos and it feels like we already live here. The routine has well and truly set in - up at 7.30 to the distant sound of roosters and doves, breakfast in the courtyard at 8, then a 3-minute walk to the beach for a swim and some sun, some walking, some shopping, some speaking very bad greek to the locals, back to the house for a big fat greek lunch feast, then the whole island goes to sleep for siesta.

At 6pm a new day begins and we sit around with "the family", talking and laughing over some ouzo or greek coffee, sometimes I walk off to take photos while Tony practices Greek with George and Koula as they fiddle with their worry beads. Dad is constantly working on some project around the house, at the moment he's restoring an old light fitting for the loungeroom. Then time for dinner, either here at the house or at a taverna by the marina where the skinny cats weave in and out of the tables and chairs - so charming they are when they want some food.

George says the best way to jump-start our tans (he has noted how white and sickly we look) is to mix olive oil with iodine and a bit of lemon juice for "freshness" so you don't smell like roast lamb, rub over your skin and spend an hour under the sun each day. Up until not long ago, this is what he used to do for years to "attract the ladies". George is nearly 80.

This first week we are just unwinding and relaxing, absorbing the Limnian lifestyle, then next week we plan to start exploring the island. Tomorrow we'll pick up our moped from George (another George) (they're all called George) and perhaps take a short ride to one of the archeological digs, but for now, some photos:

Firstly, going back to Athens, this was our view from our hotel room. Pretty amazing hey?

Still in Athens, getting those greazy things down with some beer (don't get me wrong, it was all really yum).

This is the house, the "Mavrellis House" as it is known on the island. Mavrellis is my dad's mum's family name. The house was owned by her father - Dad's grandfather.

Life doesn't get any better than this - at a beachside taverna, 3 minutes from the house.

Contemplating George's iodine concoction.

This is the guest house Tony and I are staying in - too gorgeous.

And here is "the family". From left (if we start with the arm) Anesti, the Albanian worker (VERY hard worker might I add) that dad hires every day to help him with projects around the house and garden; Tony; George, dad's brother, the iodine man; Koula, George's wife and fantastic cook; Julia and Dad.

And of course I couldn't end this entry without including a cat photo. We're in Greece for god's sake!
Will write again soon..


Anonymous said...

It all looks too beautiful something suss going on, are you sure you havn't just cut and paste yourself in some travel mags photos mmmm..?
Looks and sounds like you haven't wasted a second of Limnian life. Love the blog looking forward to the rest.
Your friends from Sydney
Mia and Carl

Sophie said...

Love reading your news - photos are great - and the guest house is perfect!
the scenery I enjoy, I can almost smell the sea.
Take care on those bikes.Love mum.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Short and sweet blog here. Glad to see that you both are getting into the life and culture of the island. Take my advise and bunny hop to other isalnds or go to Kalavrita (if possible which is on the mainland) absolutely beautiful place. Remember my golden rule when travelling, if you come back with money, then you did not have a good time ha ha. Take care. Love Harry and Tina.

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