Monday, July 20, 2009

32 days to go!

Hi there, and thanks for visiting our blog, "A Limnian Tale".
In 32 days from now, Tony and I will be boarding our flight to the "old country", Greece! And our intention is to use this blog page to record our adventures in written and pictorial form, as a way of sharing it all with our family and friends who will be suffering miserably in the depths of a cold and benumbing Melbourne winter.
We truly hope you're able to enjoy reading about our adventures, and feel free to interrupt at any time and post a comment!
See you all in a few weeks!
Lisa :)


Nichole said...

Nice shoes.

Karen Leopoldina said...

hey gal, are you near the fires? just saw the photos on The Age and they looked damn fierce.

sophie stanton said...

Hi Lisa& Tony,very disappointed i missed your call, waiting for your news - were the fires near Athens? Try to go to Kolonaki when next in Athens.Tony pos pane ta elinika? Kala?
Kalinihta, Me agapi Mum.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa & Tony: Everyone in Perth sends their love and we all hope you are not near the fires. I haven't seen the news as things were a bit on the busy side yesterday but I'll be home tonight and see it then. Hope you get to Limnos OK. Love Sandie/Mum

Anonymous said...

Hi Zu and Toni!
Hullo Hullo. Let us know your news as soon as you can get on line. Cant wait to hear your first adventure and taxi moment! Kell

Anonymous said...

The picture looks great (including the bird in a hurry!). Keep up the Vitamin D therapy - I envy you! Love, Sandie & Roland

sophie said...

Really enjoying your travelogue - Lisou You describe everything so vividly - very entertaining! Love mum.

sophie said...

Fantastic photos - beautiful descriptions it feels I'am there with you I can almost smell the sea. Tony are you using any greek words?
Love mum.

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